Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things's been quite the week. There was a coup at work. Results are mixed. I did not succeed in replacing the a for mentioned girl at work nor in taking her position. However Things I did accomplish: a awkward and unproductive phone conversation with my boss involving the co worker, a come to Jesus talk (again) with the coworker and actually reaching an understanding this time, I hope (in all seriousness, I really like this person as an actual person, it's just very very hard working with her-I'm not saying anything here I've not said to her face btw- and I really hope that this time our understanding will stick..I'd hate to have to kill her.)

In other News:

I managed to consume almost a whole box of Pepto Bismal chewable tablets and have here by seem to be managing my heartburn.
I went to a hippy retreat/black panther meeting over the weekend...will be blogging on that just as soon as I have time.
Got a goldfish on Sat...bonded with Cornelius by the time I got home by telling it my whole life's Sunday the he was sickly and as I write this he is now teetering between life an death. I would like to say for the record that if something unfortunate happens to this fish..and by unfortunate I mean it dies...I'm going to be devastated. *insert awkward silence here*
I still am not has become my personal mission in life to become tan. I'm merely less white.

Random Txt...

This is a txt I sent out while at the Hippy compound on Sat to let everyone know I was still alive

"Ok thus far we have eaten all vegan fair and now we are resting for an hour until the bell chimes taking the opportunity to journal and reconnect before the next wrk shop it's a compound type place, I opted not to drink the KoolAid, and thank god hippies don't get violent."
... so yeah...I don't think there's really anything left to say after that.

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