Friday, June 19, 2009

Introduction: Relationship Urban Legends

Preemptive apology, I have decided to write a series of blogs. So for the 7 people who actually read them, I’m sure you're excited. For all the other’s who don’t, well I’m sorry that every couple of days your going to be getting in your email the announcement Shannon posted a new blog. I decided to do this as I was wandering aimlessly around Borders and found myself in the How-to and Self Help Sections. It would seem that a really good way to get people to read what you write, is to write about something that most people should already know, but for some reason or another don’t. So I started thinking about things that I know , that most people should, but don’t. It was a very, very small list. So then I started thinking about things I know, that other people know but don’t talk about and that I would be willing to discuss. Not surprisingly, that list was a lot longer. And on it, I discovered was the Relationship Urban Legends idea. Something that I’ve mentioned casually from time to time with those in my inner sanctum.
Unfortunately this is not an idea that I can claim as my own, and I really wish I could because it’s absolutely brilliant. It was something that was mentioned once or twice in another book I read, (He’s Just Not That In To You). What I can claim however, is picking up the ball and running with it as I am want to do. They mentioned a couple and, having massive amounts of free time and an unusual perception on relationships I came up with a couple of my own, decided that it’s a topic that should be discussed and figured, hey why not. By definition, an Urban Legend is as follows: “
An urban legend, urban myth, or urban tale is a form of modern folklore consisting of stories thought to be factual by those circulating them. The term is often used to mean something akin to an "
apocryphal story." Like all folklore, urban legends are not necessarily false, but they are often distorted, exaggerated, or sensationalized over time.” Thank you Wikipedia. We all know someone, who knew someone who had a cousin that had a roommate, so on and so forth, that met the man of her dreams online in a chat room while weighing 400 lbs and after he left his wife they lived happily ever after. The fact is that, there are certain stories that we as women continue to concoct, and perpetuate in the attempt to offer hope, console, justify or excuse bad behavior from the men we are dating. While not necessarily a bad thing, everyone needs hope, it is my belief that there is a fine line between giving someone hope for a better relationship, and helping them create a delusional perception of the one they are currently in.
Please understand, I am by no means, an authority on relationships, I mean for god’s sake I’m getting divorced and I’m writing my own introduction. So you probably shouldn’t take to much of what I say as fact. However, I do have several things that I do think qualify me to write about this topic, at least in blog form on Myspace. Mostly, I have ridiculous experiences with people, mostly men. I also have a certain way with words, a very practical and blunt nature, a sense of humor and as we all know from previous blogs, absolutely no shame coupled with a very high embarrassment capacity. Personally I find it refreshing when someone will call the bullshit card, and give me the brutal truth if necessary, so if some of what I say validates, empowers and enlightens, then I am thrilled. If not, then I hope, at the very least, you’ll find it entertaining, and it will give you something to do while waiting for your laundry to dry, your face mask to harden or while waiting by the phone for your boyfriend to call…as soon as he can get away from his wife.

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