Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is not what it looks like...

So what a day what a shift is almost over (yes, I'm at work..on the computer) and I think I'm gonna have to head over to the local watering whole and get a drink before I head off to the gym. Not that today has been a bad day mind you, rather a eventful one. The other processor freaked out after we were all exposed to active TB...never mind the fact we work in the lab...and are exposed to a lot more nasty things and have this very convenient thing called an immune system. Or the fact that I'm using the word exposed here loosely. Then the swab with the swine flu...yes yes yes. I'm so over the fucking swine flu. Get your flu shot and drink OJ and you'll be ok. However, random happening of note...we all decided to donate a tube of blood so that the main lab can calibrate the machines they use to run the PTI for the cancer patients. However we decided do do this after all the Phelbs had left for the day. So there I am, with only a theoretical knowledge of phlebotomy being guided by the processor (ahh this is only my third draw but I'd like to say for the record that until I drew the micro processor I was 2 and 0) sweating bullets because I know how much she hates blood, specifically getting it drawn, gloved up and wrestling with the butterfly package. Micro is sitting there, tourniquet wrapped, utalizing a physiological skill called self talk (will blog on that later) . As I'm about to stick the needle through her skin it just so happens that one of the live patient register's comes into the room. I stop, needle poised as a bead of sweat runs off my for head, down my nose and onto Micro's arm, contaminating the area. The registrar then queried with a look of confusion and asked what we were doing. Nothing, I replied. Your doing something, she said. Standing up, wiping the sweat away all I could say was.."ok, this is not what it looks like."

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  1. Hahahaha, wow, can't wait to hear about that one on the phone : )