Monday, July 20, 2009

6 Laps

Well as usual I had quite the weekend. Um I'd like to say for the record it sucks ass being DD on somebodies birthday. Specifically it sucks ass being sober in a bar. People are retarded. I would also like to say that I had a date, that did not go well. In fact at some point said person will probably be checking this blog to see if I mentioned it. I did, just now. No I am not going to go in to detail other than to say that it will be filed away under the wtf section of my dating life. Which is the whole purpose of this blog. I'd like to mention that I composed this in my head last night while doing my laps in the pool. You can get a lot done in six laps.
The first conclusion that I came to is that swimming is a wonderful stress relief. The water envelopes you in a way that is comforting and sure. It feels wonderful to glide through such coolness, feeling the water flow over your skin or the way your skin looks and your muscles feel as you are propelled through the water. Then there is the the breathing. In and Out. In. Out. When you get in that zone, when there is nothing left but you and your breathing (so you don't drown) it is one of the most calming exercises a person can do. And then, when you get the motion down you can let your body take over and your mind is free to wander. As long as you don't forget to breath. Trust me on this.
The second conclusion that I came to was that my dating life is ridiculous. Seriously. I don't know what I'm doing to attract these type of men. When I say "these type of men" I don't really know what to call them...crazies is a little to harsh I think. I would say just plain ridiculous, and not in a good way. There was the guy who had an anger problem -in the middle of our date he flipped the fuck out on some woman who parked to close to his car-, then the guy who made me do math, and the indecisive manic depressive who would get drunk and email me wonderful letters about how great I am blah blah blah then sober up and send a recant email saying we shouldn't see each other any more. There was the vacuum salesman/drug dealer. Yeah...seriously. People surprise me sometimes. Then the guy who fabricated a whole career ...and probably a shit ton of other essential his entire life story. Then there was the most boring man alive...and now the newest addition. The man who asked me not to blog about him. We see how that's turning out.
Then came the third realization. That really shitty date didn't upset me as much as it probable should have. In retrospect it was crap. But I wasn't that upset. In fact, I went ahead and took myself to see the movie we were going to go see together. Ahh Harry Potter was outstanding by the way. And afterward had a frosty. Vanilla. What does bother me though is that it didn't bother me. I think I'm getting acclimated to the crazy.
The last realizations was I kinda like it. Usually after I calm down, look back with hindsight and change my telephone number my life cracks me up. I am forever getting involved in totally ridiculous experiences (note to self find another word other than ridiculous). And I learn from them, not all the time, but for the most part, though If nothing else, they give me great blog fodder and storytelling oppuritunity.
I also realized, while I sat in the whirl pool at the gym, that I date a lot. Now..if I can only make it past the first one...


  1. Being a sober person at a bar does suck. That's why I drink up.
    You're probably desensitized to bad dates that it doesn't bother you.

  2. I'm so glad I actually get to hear the details of these dates, it is amazing what some people think is appropriate behavior when they've just met a person. On swimming - I agree, it's great. I'm not a lap person but I like to float, tread water, that sort of thing. : )