Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I feel like I need to Bitch...

I don't particularly feel like complaining, but one thing I've noticed is that if I let it build up over a couple of days then it tends to find alternate ways of manifesting it's self...and then I get called into my supervisor's office and have to explain why I allegedly tried to kill a co worker with Splenda.

Things that are bothering me. By Shannon Nguyen.

1. It is really bothering me that I just found out that somebody that I work with accused me of mislabeling a specimen and having a coworker take the fall for me. Um..this never happened. I have NEVER mislabeled a specimen. And on the off chance that that would happen I would never EVER ask somebody else to take the fall for me. It is bothering me that this happened about 2 months ago and no body told me and it's bothering me that this is the same coworker who accused me of trying to use her allergy to Splenda as a means to kill her....I'm not motivated enough to formulate a plan that would involve the use of a phsycosmaytic allergy and random artificial sweeteners.

2. I'm getting really fucking tired of playing the "what do you think this says" game. Doctors, you all have the handwriting of a serial killer. And it concerns me that you can't even write your own name legible across the top of your lab req. Confidence this does not make. Pay attention to your nurses, notice how they use the writing utensil. Try and do that to.

3. Could somebody please explain to Client Services what there job is, and find out why they seem to think they get to stop doing it at 4 o'clock?

4. Note to self, find someone who speaks stupid and get them to explain to the phelb who keeps drawing a sst for the cbc and cbca's her Doctor is ordering that I can't run that test off that tube, that would be great. I'm getting really tired of Aprobing her shit.

.....23 Jul 2009 So i just found this I'm not mad any more but thought I would go ahead and post this because I don't have anything to bitch about today. Enjoy!

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  1. Fuck those bastards you work with! And the doctors too. The health care industry should be one of the most responsible industries in America. But how can that be when a worker wastes work time coming up with an accusation of another attempting to kill them? Don't let that stuff push you down.

    Work problems... I could write a lot of stuff about where I work. Yes I think I will.

    Vote me for President in 2012, because I am a person, not a politician.