Friday, July 17, 2009


Things of note:

Right now, I'm bored as crap. And I'm living on the edge being the net right now. I wonder if anyone is watching me. Prob not. I'm alone in the lab, however, the mass email we got the other day said that someone is always watching. Dear Big Brother...suck it.

Random happenings-This week the processor managed to include me in a blood exposure. Nice. In all fairness, the tubes really shouldn't be rubber banded together. I thought it was funny though that when the red top exploded (I'm still not sure how that happened) it landed everywhere but on my gloved hands. Blood splatter is a bitch to clean up by the way.

Other happening's of note- I have a date on Sunday. Yes...a real one. No we do not want to talk about it. Not yet...but keep your fingers crossed.

Um..that's about it I think, Nothing really eventful. Thank God. I could use a couple weeks of absolutely nothing random happening to me.

1 comment:

  1. Glad there are people like you who do those jobs and not me. I cringe thinking about that.
    I hope your date went good. I have one tonight, but I bet she'll cancel like she always does... "Gotta dog sit", "Gotta cut hair", "Gotta get out of jail".