Friday, August 14, 2009

Mother's Lock up your Sons

"You know Shannon, you really are going to make someone a good wife someday. Your a good cook," said Shannon's evil stepfather.

" that the only reason?" our lovable protagonist asks.

" I said...your a good cook."

Insert awkward silence here.


  1. can she cook indian food?? lol

  2. She/I can cook anything toots lol

  3. We all know you're good for more than cooking. But I do love your cooking. I mean, if I were looking for a wife based solely on that criteria, you'd be my top choice. In fact, will you go ahead and move in with us so that I can stop "poisoning" my family? Haha : )

  4. Hahahahah...I know Andy would love that. Hmm I havent made that poached chicken thing in a while. I should do that...Kate, your my muse.

  5. Ok, U make the indian food, Ill make the cake:)

    your blogs are great, glad I found them.