Saturday, August 15, 2009

AT&T and the imiginary boyfriend....

So about 3 weeks ago now I bought a lap top for school. This was imperative, a necessity if you will. I'm taking 2 classes online and 2 classes at the campus. So suffice to say I'm going to be busy busy busy what with going to school full time, working 40+ hours a week and my bustling social life. Bustling...right. Any ways, I eagerly counted the days down until I could purchase this lap top along with the wireless card that was also essential to my needs. I was so excited. No. Excited doesn't cover it. For an adequate adgitive to describe the monumental occasion of me purchasing my lap top and wireless card for school please refer to the voice message I left on the BFF's phone while she was out camping. Ridiculously exuberant springs to mind as the proper verbiage of choice. However, due to some technical difficulties I have since become deflated with the experience.
The problems is not the computer. Oooohhhhh no. The lap top is outstanding, and I would have to say that my foray into the 21st century and technology has been exciting. My computer will talk to me..and I to it. Seriously. It's incredible. I actually composed my first dictated email earlier this morning to a for mentioned BFF...but I digress. The problem is that the wireless card and Windows vista arn't compatible. Something that apparently everybody knows but no one bothered to tell me when I was purchasing this perticuler air card through AT&T. So what happens is that I'll have a good strong connection to the Internet for 5 minutes to up to three hours, then suddenly it will drop to local only and I have to restart the entire program to reconnect again. Remove the air card, close down the AT&T communication box and reinsert the air card into another USB drive and start all over again. The 3 hours yesterday was a fluke, I normally only stay connected to the Internet for about 30 minutes or so and then have to do the above mentioned procedure. Oh, I forget to mention, sometimes it helps if I hold my mouth a certain way.
Needless to say I've been trouble shooting all week with AT&T and sony to try and resolve this issue. It's still not fixed. I've had to reconnect once already just while writing this blog. This is infuriating. But there's nothing I can do about it until we go through all the work arounds for the local only problem. There's a lot. Which means I'm spending an obscene about of time on the phone with the boys at AT&T. Drew, Adam, Chad, and my personal favorite so far, Ben.
This whole process has been incredibly infuriating, frustrating and aggravating, however, I am able to see the sliver lining so to speak. That would be the fact that the tech support people will set up appointments to call me back so I don't have to call in to the the call center and go through the whole rigmarole of being on hold and speaking to half dozen different people. So this past week I have had a string of random men (all with incredibly sexy voices) call my house asking for Shannon. As I mentioned before Ben so far has been my personal favorite. We've spoken several times, (all to no avail). He is personable and friendly, and in the down time we've had while waiting for my system to reboot, or some driver to install he has discovered that I like family guy, I am going to school for pyscology, I work at the Hospital and a plethora of other little trivial facts about me. In essence- the random tech support guy from AT&T is getting to know me. I hate to admit this but the encounters with Ben, frustrating local only failure aside, have actually been the most successful interaction I've had with a man in a very long time. Except for one other instance....and you know who you are.

Wow. I'm sorry. This blog just went somewhere totally different. I actually just erased a whole paragraph describing this imaginary boyfriend that I had created. In great detail. Great...detail. And the fact that i did that, kinda scares me. I think perhaps I should just enjoy the time Ben and I have together, and maybe if I think my life is just a little to ordinary, not quite ridiculous enough then I'll stage an elaborate break up scene between me and him. A tearful farewell over the phone, then I'll get drunk and dial into the call center a couple of times. Maybe try to google earth him so i can drive up and leave a dead bird in a shoebox by his car. Hmmmm...I know he lives somewhere in the central time zone. Kate I'm going to need you to teach me how to use google earth.


  1. Hahaha. Firstly, I love you, Shannon. Secondly, well, Vista is an unfortunate reality. I told you to "upgrade" to XP! I still haven't yet but I've found similar problems with my wireless card and my internet connection. Now my card works, but my connection does not. So I'm using some poor sap's connection that didn't lock it down. Anyway, I love that I was mentioned so many times in this blog! Outstanding : )And where is that phone call from you that I was supposed to get this weekend? Hm? HM? ;)

  2. Iknow...I know..I'm crap. I'll have u know I curently have 5 saved voice mails from people that I have to return phone calls to. I'm prob not going to call...not today..maybe later...i dont know, i just got asked out on 5 mins ago..i'm in Panera byt....this is crazy.

  3. Funny:) I like the tech people from Dell, myself... :)

  4. That's what I call a date! Calling up Tech Support for help with my hard drive. Gotta figure out what to do for one tomorrow, if she'll consider it a date.