Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ta Da !!!

poof. She's back.

Sorta of.

I've been busy busy busy, and have lots to report. I'm still in school but since I'm down to my last 9 credits I'm not going full time anymore! Transferred out of pathology in Jan and I've started working in my field of interest...Psychology. I'm a mental health tech at an acute care facility here in my home town. Which has increased the amount of ridiculous happenings in my life 10 fold. Example- to date the most extreme thing that has happened at the job so far is I got punched in the face by a psychotic patient. Blog on that later. Hmmm what else...I have some new pics of cakes to put up (since I've actually had time to do some), along with some pics of my wonderful dog Henry (aka Henry Danger Epoch my last name here) an absolutely wonderful 3 year old Havanesse that has brought nothing but joy to my life since I got him.

O. And I've been dating, even found one that sticks. After all that horse cockery I am pleased to report that I found a wonderful man who has not shown any signs of crazy. We've been going strong since January.

Give me a bit to get back into the swing of things but here's a list of some upcoming blogs:
My Will of Evil will not be denied- a synopses of the ridiculous nature of my job.
Super Henry Saves the Day!- a little narrative/rant about nature and how my dog saved us from being eating by it.
Eat Cake! -my little home business is tentatively back up and running...well at least I'm taking orders on cakes.
The Billy Goat and the streets of Chi Town- the marvelous vacation i had with my 2 bff in Chicago.
X equals Y- the most ridiculous math teacher in the whole world.

Have a happy Sunday!

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