Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who's Coming for Dinner?

Every now and then I’ll take a bit out of my saving and shop at Wegmans. I absolutely adore grocery shopping. I’ve always liked it. Particularly the produce section; I like to see all of the apples and oranges, grapes, tomatoes, heads of lettuce ext lying out under the lights. They are fresh and green, and sometimes if I time it right, I can watch the sprinklers mist the fruit. Yeah…I know I know. Anyways, I was shopping with a purpose tonight. Tonight I was having a dinner party. I invited a work friend and her husband over for dinner, a glass of wine and hopefully a good time. They canceled. No babysitter. So I decided to have the dinner party anyways. I had picked the perfect recipe-spegattie with a cream tomato sauce. I also splurged and bought a six pack of Woodchuck (which is being consumed as we speak) and a very small wedge of brie with toast points. Swanky I know.
I stood in my kitchen in my underwear…rather my boxers, a tank top and my slippers the bff gave me 2 years ago for Christmas(something I would have been unable to do if the friend had been over), my cheese and toast points on a plate, a glass of wine sitting on the counter and Elvis singing to me from my record player. I watched as the onions I was sautéing in melted butter started to turn translucent in the pan and added the garlic at just the right time. The spaghetti was boiling away on the back burner as I deftly crushed up some basil leaves with the back of a spoon and opened 2 cans of tomatos. I added pepperoni chopped up in bite size pieces and smiled as I watched the pieces sizzle in the butter…the aroma, oh god. How to describe it with mere words. The smell of butter, onion and garlic mingled with the pepperoni and I wafted the smell up to my nose. I shifted anxiously from foot to foot as I waited to add the basil and the tomatos. A sip of wine, a couple of cheese crackers and it was time. I added the tomatos, stirred in the basil and when it was warm all the way through I added the cream. My favorite part. I love watching the cream mix with the red of the tomato’s as I stir, making a creamy pink mix.
I stirred and stirred, anxious to taste and I shivered visibly with pleasure as I dipped my spoon into the delectable mixture. Into my mouth it went, and I relished the taste of the creamy mix, the subtle hint of the basil and garlic, the pepperoni heavy and rich and …I moaned. Audibly. Snapping myself out of ..whatever it was that I was in. I added the spaghetti, aldente, perfect to the pan and stirred letting it absorb the mix and again I shifted anxiously from foot to foot as I waited. I was excited. Ten minutes and fresh glass of wine later I plated my meal. The steaming pile of noodles, covered in the tomato mix, green specks of basil and a light dusting of grated parmigiano cheese looked incredible as I sat at my dining room table. With fork in hand, I took a deep breath, inhaling the aroma and inserted the fork smoothly into the middle of the plate. Swirl, swirl twist and lift. My mouth closed as I drew the fork out slowly, eyes closed savoring the first bite. Delicious. And again I made a slight moan in the back of my throat. And then…then I choked.
The deliciousness of my dish wasn’t the only thing that came over me. I choked as the sudden realization of what I was doing rolled over me causing a mighty laugh unfortunately at the same time I was swallowing. I was having sex. With my food. I sat there, coughing and laughing and for just one second my face turned red with embarrassment. But naturally, me being me, I got over it quickly and thought to myself why the hell not? It’s been a while, and..ahem I am a good cook. So I went back to my plate and can only say that 30 minutes later I left the dining table an incredible satisfied woman.
Tomorrow…tomorrow I’m making roasted chicken slathered in melted butter and rosemary, stuffed with lemons alongside crispy asparagus spears and steamed red potatoes covered in parsley and butter. Dessert will be chocolate mousse with homemade whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Mmmmm God, I can’t wait…who’s coming for dinner?



    Now that Im, um...done.....I must say it is wonderful to meet someone who knows how to enjoy the entire "cooking" experience....I love to cook, and I always find food sensual

    I will be back tomorrow, dinner sounds devine;)

  2. Haha, wow that must have been a really good dinner you cooked, Martha Stewart.

    My "holiday" party was just like that almost. People bailed out because of dumb excuses and the few who did show were gone after a bite and drink.